• Massimo Caffè

Our beans


The world population consumes more than 400 billion cups of coffee each year. So it’s clear that coffee producers have to meet an enormous demand. How does a coffee farmer live and work? What does a typical day look like for the people who grow this amazing resource? These are the questions that are important to us. Let’s take a look.

Preparation and Planting

The coffee farmer must spend a great deal of time on soil preparation for the seedbeds. Soil conditions are a critical component to having healthy, marketable beans. Sometimes farmers must make amendments to the soil and substrate to make it suitable for planting.

To the Nursery

Once the growers see a pair of leaves, the cotyledon leaves, they know it’s time to move the seedlings to the coffee nursery. They must be cautious and vigilant with the plants in the nursery.

Time to Plant

After several months in the nursery, it is time for the farmers to plant their crops in the ground. Often, this ends up being during a rainy season. While the coffee plants were in the nursery, the workers were preparing the holes for planting. Again, they work within a specific window of time to make sure the holes are ready without being so early that they erode.

Harvest and Processing Time

Harvesting the coffee cherries is usually the busiest time for farmers because it often coincides with planting time. They have to get the fruit off the plants, either by hand or by machine. After the harvest, workers dry and process the fruit as it ferments. Many farms around the globe use the wet-washed method for processing their beans, while others use the dry method. This step in coffee production is very time-sensitive, as the farmers work to get the optimal flavour to develop.

For us knowing exactly who produced the coffee we drink all year around and how they do it, is very important. Care, attention, timing, and detail is the first step in a Passion to produce the best. This inspired us to go our own way, knowing that you can’t Blaze a trail by walking the same path as everyone else.